Sunday, July 6




I wan to cry..
I wan to cry like a baby...
I wan to cry loudly like a baby...
I wan to cry loudly like a baby to make attraction from parents..
I wan to cry freedomly like a baby...
I wan to cry like a baby with jz losing a toy...
I wan to cry like a baby to get my milk bottle...
I wan to cry to express my sadness..

A action that does not belongs to me..
I wan to cry.. but cant..
Be tough... There is nth can fall me down..

Monday, June 9

Malaysia National service

I found a video which made in Malaysia National Service... ^^
At first.. let us check out the objectives of national service programme..

The objectives of the national service programme:

  • Develop a young generation who are patriotic and with love for their country
  • Enhance unity among the multi-racial communities in the country
  • Instill a spirit of caring and volunteerism among society
  • Produce an active, intelligent and confident generation
  • Develop positive characteristics among the younger generation through good values
Source: Wikipedia

DAng dAng Dang DANg DanG....
Let c how creative are Malaysian use their command to make an action...

I quite noob in computer skills...
Sorry that the image of the video clip is "sleeping" there..
I cant fixed it.. ><

Friday, May 16


I am jz a non sense...
I am jz a rubbish....
I am jz a dust...
Y do u all look up on me??
wat do u all expect on me?
if I am... Sure i will do wat i should..
Make ur wish become true.. Be the one u hope.. Give u the thing u look for.. Even though the Sun. If i can take it for u... Sure i will..
but.. Am I?

WAT u all wan from me?
Wat can i do for u all?
Is there a list?
For me to refer..
I am damn tired with all these ..
Can someone jz help me plan anything ?
Thats enough!!!!
Dun EVER Forced me!

Thursday, May 15

Form six

I was forced to be study at form six...
As i thought before.. I jz tell the school... I wanna change from Science stream to Art stream..
becoz i really not that good in science.. STPM is the hardest exam in Malaysia.. sure i wont do such stupid things - take science stream in form six...
But.. everything is jz not as i think...
the package that offered by school in art stream is:-
pengajian am (compulsory)
MUET ( compulsory too)
Maths S
perakaunan ( the fucking subject that make me suffer now)
ekonomi ( the subject i looking for )

School teacher said that we cant take perakaunan if we din take it in spm.
That will only make us drop...
The fucking perakaunan subject make me my days stir..
Thinking of transfer school.. thinking of where to transfer..
Thinking of the package that offered by school...

Now i am planning to transfer to victoria ..
I am worry that how if i cant transfer to there?
my life break?

Dad n mum,
I listen to u... study form six as u wish..
but is not simple as u think...
there is nth can done if i jz keep waiting...
I am not ignore to discuss with u bout this..
can u.. jz listen to me when i am talking?
trust ur son PLS..
thats all i need..